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Workshops and Talks

With over 18 years of teaching experience I have delivered an extensive range of creative workshops both in person and online to schools, community groups and private individuals each tailored around a specific technique, material or interest or theme the groups may have.

As a multidisciplinary Mixed Media Textile Artist I welcome the opportunity to share my obsession with collecting and exploring reclaimed materials and transforming them into accessories and works of art.

Talks are offered online or in person through Zoom and are supported with a presentation of my work. These last around 50 minutes to 1 hour with a Q&A at the end. The talks offer an insight into my experiences as an artist-teacher delving into the evolution of my work with textiles over the years. These naturally lead on to workshops where I can share my skills and knowledge with you.

- Sketchbooks and Journals 

- Millinery 

- Textile Art

- 'Rave Art' a look at my street art inspired neon work and how I work with light


Workshops are a fantastic opportunity to get hands-on and have a rummage through my stash. These sessions can be tailored to the interests and requirements of your group. All the necessary materials and equipment will be provided however you will be given a suggested list and asked to collect a few things prior so that you can personalise your work. Although I am based in the North West I am able to travel. Prices are dependant on the nature of workshop and start at £250 per day + travel. 

Two Day Workshops are also offered and incorporate the use of a sketchbook to support and document the creative journey. Sketchbooks will be provided along with a range of drawing materials. 

Online Workshops are offered via Zoom. You will be able to work alongside me from the comfort of your own home or beam me into your group setting. All the workshops on offer are available through this method however they will be adapted to the time we have and equipment available. An essential and suggested materials and equipment list will be sent prior to the workshop and on request a pack of materials can be sent in advance. Although they are usually 2 hours duration I am happy to zoom for longer to ensure you have enough time.

Workshop List

Surfaces and Textile Processes inspired by Street Art +

During this workshop you will create a number of sampler pieces. You will be guided through an exploratory making process incorporating found materials and experimenting with trapping, layering and bonding techniques that will be further developed through hand and machine stitch. Although I use street art as the inspiration for this workshop it can also be delivered with an alternative starting point, topic or theme such as landscapes, surfaces, image and text.

Berlin 3.jpg
Flora and Fauna - Paper Flower Accessories

Here we visit my millinery work exploring the use of recycled papers to create one off bespoke wearable art work. This workshop can combine basic flower techniques with a range of embellishments to create buttonholes and bouquets to flamboyant fascinators and head pieces. I will show you how you can adapt your designs to either be displayed or worn. This work shop is also suitable for hen parties and groups that want to do something a bit different and will be adapted to suit the abilities of all taking part.

Sketchbooks & Art Journals
Explore the use of an art sketchbook to develop a series of recordings through drawing and other methods that can be developed into textile pieces. We will start with a source, topic or theme and develop design work looking at colour, pattern and textures that can be translated into textiles. We may revisit work we already have and look at ways of altering it and taking it in a new direction. This workshop is designed to give you an insight into how a sketchbook can inform your practice and be a work of art in it's own right. 
Fabric Landscapes
Bonding, layering, mark making and stitch will be the focus for this workshop. Taking inspiration from local places we will explore and develop a series of samplers that explore a range of textile surface techniques. We will use a variety of materials and distress, distort and manipulate them to create a variety of textures that can be applied to our landscape. There is no end to this workshop so you will be armed with inspiration to continue developing work using these methods.


An experimental workshop using plastic as the main material. We will play with plastics to create fabrics and surfaces that can be further developed with print, machine and hand stitch.

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